Coaching Education

The Department of Coaching Education is one of the departments of the School of Physical Education and Sports at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. Over the course of five years (four years plus a yearlong preparatory language course), students learn the basics and in-depth information about becoming an athletic trainer for national and international competitions, all the way up to the Olympics.


The Department of Coaching Education was founded in the 2008-2009 academic year, and was called the Coaching Training and Sports Management Program. The name was changed to its current one n 2012 to match worldwide trends. The first graduates finished their studies in 2013, and overall, 31 students have graduated from the program and now work in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. 

Goals, Mission, Vision, Objectives

The main goal of the Department is to prepare highly-qualified sports trainers. The Department also aims to give students pedagogical, biological, physiological, biochemical, biomechanical and sporting knowledge that they will need to advance in their careers; to acquaint students with the moral, ethical, and aesthetic principals of the field, as well as teaching and practicing methods; preparing professionals, broadly educated, who can carry out research, understand different types of sports, can teach and coach children, and who know the theoretical, methodological, practical, and scientific backgrounds of physical culture and sports. 

The Department of Coaching Education aims to prepare professionals in select sports who can uphold ethical norms, and who have the necessary knowledge in the areas of science and technology to train athletes for national and Olympic games, for championships, including athletes of different ages and abilities, and to attract more people to sports and healthy lifestyles in general. 

The main objective of the Department is to prepare coaches and trainers who can run trainings in different types of sports, who are well-versed in teaching and science, as well as their particular sport, who can create training programs for different age groups and abilities. We also train graduates to work in any institution around the world in their chosen sport, which is made possible by their sporting knowledge and expertise, and also by their knowledge of foreign languages. 

About the Discipline and Program

The social, economic, scientific and technological changes in the world, combined with rapid development and urbanization, have made a new generation of specialists in physical education and sports necessary. Upon completion of the Bachelor's program, students will have the necessary skills and knowledge to make them qualified specialists for the national and international labor markets. 

Students can work as:

  • Teachers and trainers at specialized sports schools;
  • Olympic trainers;
  • Teachers at general schools;
  • Specialists at public and private sporting institutions;
  • Members of sporting federations;
  • Members of sporting clubs and teams.