Tourism and Hotel Management


Currently, the hospitality and tourism industries are some of the most steadily growing industries in the world, Kyrgyzstan included. This means that managers who have the critical thinking and strategic planning skills necessary to run a successful hotel are more in demand than ever. 

The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management was founded in 2007 with the Management program, and in 2012 grew to become the Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. 

The goal of the Bachelor's program is to prepare students that meet international professional standards for the hospitality industry. 

Objectives of the Department

In order to reach its goal, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management has set the following objectives:

  • Educate tolerant and respectful professionals;
  • Give students the necessary theoretical knowledge and management skills for their careers;
  • Teach students a minimum of three languages in order for them to be competitive in the international market;
  • Give students the opportunity to refine their practical skills through internships and practice;
  • Help students gain the necessary skills and knowledge for working at both the national and international level in the hospitality industry, and for starting their own enterprises. 


The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management tries to constantly update the educational program to help students stay competitive and to make sure they are receiving the most up-to-date information available. Students also have the opportunity to put their skills to the test at leading institutions in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and in other countries. The educational program covers two main areas: room service and reception. Students also study the basics of restaurant service and culinary arts, and extra attention is paid to developing entrepreneurial skills. 

In addition to classes, students also attend meetings and master classes with professionals and leaders of the tourism industry, which gives students the opportunity to learn straight from experts and to stay up-to-date with current trends in the industry. 

The development of the tourism sector opens new opportunities and careers for highly-qualified professionals. Graduates of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management work in hotels, guest houses, resorts, hostels, health resorts, and in other places. Their education allows them to work as receptionists, bellboys, and servers in restaurants and bars, as well as in management and HR departments.