Department of Technical Programs


To educate and develop qualified human resource with an emphasis on universal values, able to use technological know-how and skills properly, creative, with high self-confidence, culture and communicative skills, acting according to professional ethics and demanded by the technical field, in order to contribute to the employment and social and economic development in Central Asia and especially in Kyrgyzstan.

it is aimed to develop students’ problem solving, decision making and critical thinking abilities by combining material with modern technological systems with the help of our advanced education and training programs .

The mission of the Higher School of Vocational Education programs is to train qualified and well-equipped individuals at the related professional spheres.



To become the first and leading institution by training qualified graduates on national and international level according to the curriculum of our Higher School of Vocational Education and to assist the further development of their creative skills to carry them to the leading positions in their profession.

Our vision is to become a  strong Higher School of Vocational Education participatory, cooperative individuals with unique values and skilled in their profession, known on the international level, innovative, creative, open to permanent advancement, knowing the paths to attain knowledge, with the principle of active learning, in an active communication and cooperation with stakeholders and knowing the ways of life-long learning.


Career Opportunities

Construction Program

Upon completion of a theoretical and practical training our graduates will be able to work in the following fields:

  • to assist engineers and architects in designing and supervising the projects using technical knowledge and skills;
  • to implement measuring works at sites;
  • to manage construction and cost calculation of the construction works;
  • to conduct a test of the construction materials, apply knowledge in quality controlling and standards application;
  • to engage in repairing works and reconstruction;
  • to work as a supervisor, coordinator and hold other positions in construction organizations;
  • to perform projects using computer technologies. 


Automotive Program

Upon completion of a theoretical and practical training a graduate will be able:

  • to demonstrate good skills in engineering, designing using  diagrams and  drawings and conduct relevant analyses;
  • to use a computer and computer programs in the field;
  • to fix facilities in all stages of manufacturing, use a device in quality controlling;
  • to use measuring  and checking tools;
  • to use basic tools, diagnose, conduct  disassembling, fixing and assembling works;
  • to receive and perform orders, have good relationships with customers;