Higher School of Vocational Education

At present, there is a definite shortage of trained personnel both in Kyrgyzstan and throughout Central Asia, due to the shortage of qualified and experienced personnel.

If we consider the regional development management structure, in general, you can talk about the creation of small and medium-sized businesses in Kyrgyzstan.

However, there is a lack of capital to implement the technology investment that every year generates increased demand for skilled workers.

In the transition economies there is an urgent need to develop new lines of business and training specifically for their development, and therefore the Higher School of Vocational Education has a real opportunity with the existing technical and social programs to make up a significant part of this niche. Our Higher School of Vocational Education, not only prepares skilled workers, but also gives students an opportunity to find employment after graduation.

Assist.Prof.Dr. Mahmut VURAL
Director of Higher school of Vocational Education

Greetings from the Director

Vocational school of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University currently carries out its educational activities on the base of two departments, Economic and Administrative Programs and Technical Programs. 

Economic and Administrative Programs Department includes the following programs: Office Management, Child Care, Accounting, Marketing, Tourism and Hotel Management Programs.  Technical Programs Department covers the following programs: Computer Programming, Metal and Welding Technology, Furniture and Decoration, Automotive Program.

Professional academic staff of our school shares up-to-date information with our students also offers a field of practice to give our students the ability to use the knowledge they have acquired.

In order for our graduates to take their deserved place in today's business world, special attention is paid to learning of foreign language information technologies.Taking into consideration that the language of education is Kyrgyz and Turkish, there is 1-year preparatory course at our school.

Students who have successfully completed their preparatory education are given English or Russian language lessons during their vocational education.

Our students receive free education in modern technologically equipped classrooms, laboratories and workshops.

The purpose of the Vocational school of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University is to ensure fully equipped preparation of the students for their future professional career.Thanks to the seminars given by the leading representatives of different sectors at our Vocational school, our students have the chance to follow the latest developments in the sector, while the sector representatives can choose the personnel candidates they plan to work with in the future among these young people.

Vocational School of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University aims to contribute to the internationalization of the workforce in shorter periods with document-based formal and non-formal education activities.

Secretary of the Highschool