Campus Life

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University is unique among universities in Central Asia in that it is primarily a residential campus with plenty of activities, events and clubs to enrich students' social and academic lives.

KTMU students don't leave right after classes; they stay to have lunch, play a basketball game, attend a presentation put on by a local embassy, watch a film in our weekly free film series, listen to a national music concert put on by professional and student musicians, participate in volunteer activities, join one of our several dozen student clubs, host a radio show, or just use our extensive library or study in one of the cafes. The university planning commissions' goal was to engineer an environment that facilitates students' innovation and exploration while striking a balance between work, leisure and living. 

On the weekend, students can enjoy discount-rate trips to points of historic interest or natural beauty around Kyrgyzstan with tours organized by the student-run Tourism club.

Other students explore the city, go shopping, sample international cuisine, search for bargains at the bazaar, participate in student-led volunteer activities, join their friends for sports, visit the capitol's museums and theaters, or finish their homework and catch up on news in the fully-stocked reading room.

Many of our students reside in the dormitories and apartments on campus, as do many of the staff and their families, meaning that Manas has a 24/7 campus culture community. 

The city of Bishkek attracts around 50 000 students each year, contributing to the city's energetic social scene, sports activities and night life. On weekends students often go out to eat at Bishkek's many cafes and restaurants, go shopping, play sports, take daytrips to the nearby mountains, go to cinema or theater, or listen to live music in one of Bishkek's bars or clubs.