The Faculty of Communication was founded in 2000. The Departments of PR and Advertising and Radio, TV, and Cinema were opened first. The Department of Journalism was founded in 2002. In 2006, the first graduates finished their studies. After many developments, the department has grown and in total 209 students has graduated from the Department of Journalism. 

The Department of Journalism works closely with other departments in the Faculty, and offers opportunities to use a modern television studio, plus animation and graphics laboratories in the faculty. Additionally, students have the opportunity to work at the student newspaper Manas, where they can put their knowledge to practical use. Our faculty members provide support for students and their professional goals.

Faculty members at the Department of Journalism come from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and other countries. They are experts in own fields and share their knowledge with graduate and undergraduate students. 

Goals and Mission

Our goal is to prepare specialists with the skills and knowledge to work in media at the national and international level and who can use modern communication technologies. To achieve this goal, we offer our students modern technological infrastructure along with theoretical knowledge.

Our mission is to prepare professionals to meet the needs of the journalism sectors in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and other Turkic countries. 

About the Program 

The Department of Journalism offers a powerful and important view for youth that want to work in radio, television, print media and communications. In this context, the Department of Journalism, founded in 2002, over the past 14 years has produced confident and talented young people with professional experience and skills. 

The Department of Journalism makes a significant contribution towards the education of the next generation of journalists who fight for fundamental human rights, for the protection of honor, dignity and freedom, which is the basis of democratic society in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other neighboring countries. 

The students of our department, with the help of our modern technological infrastructure, lectures and professional experience, receive a quality education and can work as journalists, editors, designers, PR managers, or reporters for radio, TV or websites. Additionally, students interested in photography can dive deeper into theoretical study, and after graduating can work as photo editors or photojournalists. 

Students can also work at the student newspaper Manas. This gives students the opportunity to build on their theoretical knowledge with practice. The majority of students in the department actively participate in publishing Manas, which was created for students to gain professional experience and help them learn even more. Students also complete internships in a variety of media institutions. 

The Department of Journalism aims to prepare well-educated professionals who can work in any field of communications, in a variety of geo-political or social situations and who can meet international standards for gathering, working with and publishing information.

Additionally, we also invite professionals from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and Russia to visit our department. We offer seminars to help our students understand a wider variety of viewpoints, and help our students to actively participate in national and international festivals, projects and competitions.