PR and Advertising


The Faculty of Communications at KTMU was founded in 2000. In the beginning, there were only two departments: PR and Advertising and Radio, TV and Cinema. In 2002, the Department of Journalism was founded. The first graduates from the Department of PR and Advertising finished their studies in 2004, with a total of seven graduates. Since then, the department has grown, and in 2016, there were 38 graduates. Our faculty and staff are professionals from Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Students can use the Graphics, Design, and Animation laboratories to gain professional experience. Students also take part in the Young Communicators Club, where they can work on different project and organize events. 

Goals and Mission

The goal of the Department of PR and Advertising is to prepare highly-qualified professionals who are prepared to think creatively and use their understanding of social problems to build long-lasting and productive relationships between companies and their audiences. Education covers both theoretical knowledge and professional practice in the fields of PR and advertising. Thus, students are able to put their theoretical knowledge to the test in the field. 

The Department of PR and Advertising produced its first graduates in 2004. Education is in Turkish and in Kyrgyz, and meets modern educational standards. Students also study English and Russian. The department's mission includes preparing students with research skills, theoretical knowledge and professional skills needed in the field. As PR is an interdisciplinary field, students study general subjects as well as a chosen specialty. Graduates work in the fields of advertising, public relations, marketing, management, and media organizations in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and around the world. Some of our graduates continue their education in postgraduate programes in the leading universities in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and in other countries. 

The dicsiplines that students study are based on the goals and mission outlined above. These disciplines allow students to work in advertising and public relations companies, to build bilateral, long-lasting relationships between organizations and their audiences, build the image and control the reputation of an organization, and to build a communications strategy. The educational programs conform to international standards and follow the latest trends in the fields of communications and information technology. 

About the Department and Program

The Department of PR and Advertising prepares professionals who can think creatively, use communication technology, and can meet the needs of the market. The educational program includes disciplines such as communications, public relations, advertising, management, journalism, marketing, graphics and design, and animation. The first two years, students take general courses, such as Introduction to Communications, the History of Journalism, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, Social Psychology, Introduction to Political Science, and Theories of Communication. Starting from the third year, students can take elective courses in their chosen specialty. Specialties include planning PR and advertising campaigns, writing for PR and advertising, analyzing advertising, marketing, advanced animation, and consumer behavior. Students choose their own elective courses. This includes organizing and executing events, international PR, technology presentation, corporate identity and brand management, imagery in advertising, image and reputation management, internet advertising, media planning, and more.