Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

The Faculty of Economics and Management at KTMU was founded in 1997. The first students graduated in 2002, and the Faculty moved to its new building on the Chingiz Aitmatov Campus. The Faculty has set a goal for itself of preparing the next generation of professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are able to open their own company or work in the private or public sector. There are four departments in the Faculty of Economics and Management: Economics, Management, Finance and Banking, and International Relations. Undergraduate students study for eight semesters plus one year of preparatory language classes in Kyrgyz and Turkish, and the Faculty also offers graduate programs. Diplomas issued by KTMU upon completion of studies are protected by Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, and the programs are designed to meet standards set by the two countries and the Bologna Process. Students can also gain additional experience by studying or interning abroad. 


In an era of globalization and technological growth, the mission of the Faculty is to make a contribution towards the preparation of professionals especially for this time, who fulfill the needs of Turkic countries, and especially entrepreneurs who can ensure a smooth transition to a free-market economy in Turkic countries, who can broaden the areas of cooperation between our university and the professional world, who can find ways of solving economic, political and cultural problems, who have their own ideas and worldviews, and who can represent our university and Kyrgyzstan in the international arena. 

The Future of the Faculty

Our main ambition for the Faculty of Economics is to create an educational center at the international level recognized in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and other countries thanks to the undergraduate, graduate, and internship programs, and thanks to the publications and and intercultural connections fostered by the Faculty. 


Greetings from the Dean

First, I would like to thank those who have worked since the founding of our Faculty, who have worked hard to improve our work, and to our students and faculty members, both new and old. 

Since the first graduating class in 2002, 1858 students have graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management. Many of our graduates work as managers, accountants, bankers, exporters and importers in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, and 16 other countries. 

Students not only study Kyrgyz and Turkish (the languages of instruction), but also can choose between studying Russian, English, or Chinese. They also gain skills and knowledge necessary to become competitive and successful professionals in any part of the world. 

Along with educational programs, the Faculty of Economics and Management also provides information necessary for growth in the public and private sectors through seminars on taxation held with support from the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic. We also offer certificate programs for entrepreneurs in the private sector in Kyrgyzstan. We also carry out research and publish academic articles and books. 

Our success depends on qualities such as love, sacrifice, effort, patience, knowledge, and will. If you have a goal in life, then these qualities will mean a lot to you. Our Faculty is not only a model, but a storehouse that holds the economic, social, and cultural foundations for the future. 

Secretary of the Faculty
Asel Kaparova
Secretary of the Dean