International Relations

International relations is a special type of public relations that goes beyond the borders of societies and territories. It’s an interdisciplinary discipline, one that studies the cooperation between different parts of the international system, especially relations between governments, which are the main actors in international relations, but also relations with international, regional, and intergovernmental organizations, transnational companies, international standards and international societies. Today, international relations involves not only cooperation between countries, but relations and their future development between different communities, social organizations, individuals and transnational entities.

Along with opportunities provided for students to study and assess world politics and the basis of the discipline through our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, our students are also involved in organizing departmental research, which helps them study and analyze the dynamics of the growth of national, regional and global aspects of international relations and globalization.

Mission and Strategy

The Department of International Relations follows the general mission and main objectives of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. These objectives include the education and preparation of specialists who are able to ask questions and find answers, research and analyze the dynamics of the development of national, regional and global aspects of international relations in our globalizing world. We believe that our students can use this knowledge and expertise in service to their countries and societies.

Thus, the mission of the Department of International Relations is based on the goal of becoming a model at the international level, producing young specialists in the field of international relations.

Goals of the Program

The main goal of the Department is to prepare future leaders who are able to use research sources, understand political and social processes in the modern world, analyze them and make conclusions, and are able to make a contribution to the development of society.

In accordance with this, our department holds the following principles:

All scientific opinions and ideas must be based on the principles of tolerance, justice, and transparency;

We strive to value academics and academic work;

We work to be pioneers in the social development of education;

All faculty members should feel satisfied with their work, and students should feel proud to be a part of our department;

We believe that our students will play a significant role in building the future of their countries and societies.


Faculty and Staff

The Department of International Relations has already proven itself as a dynamic and young collective that actively participates in the socio-political life of the country, and also in carrying out research and organizing diverse scientific and educational events. Our faculty and staff are young specialists in their fields.

Opportunities and Where our Graduates Work

The Department of International Relations was founded in 2007, and the first graduates completed their studies in 2011. During their whole course of studies, a wide variety of opportunities and services are offered for our students, including:

  • Modern buildings and campus, outfitted with the latest equipment;
  • Exchange programs
  • Internships in Turkey
  • Free medical services, plus housing and meals at discounted rates.

This is all so that our students can grow, expand their knowledge, gain international experience, and, of course, use this knowledge and experience to improve their countries and societies. With this in mind, our students can easily find work in different areas, including government organs, international organizations, non-governmental institutes, consulting and business companies, in the areas of analysis and research, or they can continue their education in Kyrgyzstan or abroad.



List of Administration
Head of the Department
Metin Aksoy, PhD Assosiate Professor
Deputy Head of the Department
PhD Altynbek Joldoshov
Secretary of the Department 
Elmira Kupsuralieva