Faculty of Engineering

Kyrgyzstan - Turkey Manas University Faculty of Engineering was established in 1997 aiming to educate engineers conforming to the international standards and quality. At the beginning, Science, Computer and Environmental Engineering programs were started. In 2004, the faculty was enriched with "Food Engineering" program.

From 2006 to 2008, programs were restructured for various reasons. Accordingly, Food and Environmental Engineering Programs were integrated under "Chemical Engineering".

Currently, 440 students study in the Computer, Environmental, Food and Chemical Engineering Departments of our Faculty. Starting from 2018-2019 academic year, the student intake will begin to the newly established Electrical-Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering Departments.

We have 642 graduates in the engineering disciplines mentioned above.

It is our aim to educate professional engineers who will contribute to the economic and social development of Central Asia, will be able to use contemporary information technologies, follow the scientific developments in the world, use the latest technologies in the industry and raise people's life standard.

The vision of our faculty is to educate young people in Central Asia who are equipped with universal knowledge and opinions while protecting their national values ​​and who are not separated from the guidance of science. We spend every effort that our graduates constantly improve themselves, realize the importance of lifelong education and aim to serve their society.

Coskan Ilicali


Greetings from the Dean

Kyrgyzstan - Turkey Manas University Faculty of Engineering was stablished in 1997. Today, Computer, Environmental, Food and Chemical Engineering Departments offer BSc and MSc, whereas Computer, Food and Chemical Engineering Departments offer Ph.D programs. Student intake to the new Departments of Electrical- Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering has started in 2018- 2019 Academic year. Currently, these students are attending the Language preparatory School

Our biggest goal is to educate engineers who have contemporary knowledge which can be beneficial in science and industry. Achieving a high quality living environment by utilizing information systems and technologies, the development of technologies used in the manufacture of new products, and the provision of high quality food products to consumers, are areas where our graduates can apply their education and experience. Our academic programs have been developed  according to the programs of advanced institutions in the field of engineering. Experienced lecturers, modern facilities and close lecturer- student contact help our students to get a strong engineering education.

Engineering education, scientific and technological research and development and serving the society are the main fields of activity of our faculty. Our faculty actively participates in national and international projects financed by non-university sources. Our students are also involved in these projects. Our faculty members collaborate with other universities, research centers and industrial institutions to share their scientific knowledge and experience by participating in various scientific activities and organizations.

We are trying to do everything we can to ensure that our Engineering graduates are able to solve the technological problems of the 21st Century professionally and that our faculty is one of the best schools in engineering.

The academic and administrative staff of the faculty work for your success.

Best regards,

Professor Coşkan ILICALI


Secretary of the Faculty
Altynai Kutubaeva
Secretary of the Dean
Nurgul Chylabaeva