Computer Engineering

Djal, Engineering Building, 5th floor, 523 

A laboratory with equipment from CISCO. Routers and switches were provided by CISCO, which helps students learn the basics of mobile technology

Djal, Engineering Building, 5th floor, 525

A laboratory, designed for 20 people, complete with computers and the newest equipment .

Djal, Engineering Building, 5th floor, 524

A computer classroom, featuring new computers and equipment.


The Department of Computer Engineering is designed to prepare specialists especially in the field of programming software and new programming technology, in addition to hardware. Bachelor’s programs have been offered since 1997, Master’s since 2006, and in 2015 a PhD program in programming was started.

Computer programing has become essential to almost every discipline. As computers and programs become more and more advanced, the world needs more and more qualified programmers and engineers. Our department aims to give students the skills they need to change and improve the world around them. Through undergraduate and graduate (M.S. and Doctorate) programs, students acquaint themselves with everything from the basics of programming to complex innovations.