Electric and Electronics Engineering

The aim of the department is to be  a leading department in the education and teaching of Electrical-Electronics Engineering in line with the mission of Kyrgyz-Turk Manas University. Being the only department in Kyrgyzstan giving modern electrical and electronics engineering education, our mission is to educate the students as electrical and electronic engineers who serve best in their own profession and  contribute to the scientific technological and economic developments of the age. Graduates who are sensitive to humanity problems and aware of their professional responsibilities is a part of our mission..

Objectives of our Education Program

Our objective of education program is to train the students as Electrical and Electronics engineers. Graduates who are able to

1. work in energy production, transmission and distribution, electronics and telecommunication fields in national and international enterprises and organizations.

2. continue to  graduate education in national and international universities and become academic staff members.

3.have entrepreneurial skills and can build their own business.

4. conform to professional ethics and serve their country and humanity.

General Information

Electrical and electronics engineering is a rapidly developing engineering discipline. The department's programs are designed to graduate engineers with leadership and creativity qualities that are able to adapt to this rapid change, follow and implement new technological developments.

The department's training program is 4 years. Students who successfully complete the education are given a diploma of Electrical-Electronics Engineer. During this process, students take mathematics, physics and computer programming courses required by Electrical and Electronics Engineering as well as fundamental courses such as Circuit Theory, Electromagnetic Theory, Electronic Circuits and Electromechanical Energy Conversion. Theoretical lessons are supported by laboratory practices. In addition, an internship is mandatory for graduation. The final year of the program is devoted to the fields of energy and electronics, where students take all courses in a course group related to the area they want to specialize, as well as courses from other groups. In this way, students study in both an in-depth knowledge of the field and a wide education in the field of Electrical-Electronics Engineering. There are social elective courses in the lesson plan to improve the social skills of our students who will be electrical and electronics engineers. Finally, all students take two engineering design lectures in the last two semesters to solve a kind of problem they encounter in their engineering life in project management logic.