Food Engineering

The Department of Food Engineering at Manas University

How is the food you eat grown and preserved? How can we make sure that food is safe and that people won’t get sick? Food safety in a country greatly depends on the condition of food products and processing industries. Because of the growing need for food engineers in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Department of Food Engineering was opened at Manas University in 2003.

Manas University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and, starting in 2012, PhD degrees in Food Engineering, all of which are registered with the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic. Educational plans for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are based on similar engineering departments in Europe and Turkey, and meet requirements for higher education set by the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The department is home to laboratories for studying food sciences and engineering, which allow students to learn laboratory skills and faculty members work on research in a variety of fields. These projects are carried out with students' active participation, using the modern equipment and resources available to teach research methods and to publish new information and discoveries in international journals.