Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Manas University after I arrive in Kyrgyzstan? 
Before you arrive, please send us your flight details and personal information to our email or fax, or over the phone. We will send someone to meet you at the airport in Bishkek. 

How can I get to Manas University if I can't get in contact before I arrive? 
In the case that you cannot send your information to Manas University before you arrive, you should do several things once you arrive. If you need help with finding a taxi or the arrival process in general, you should ask for help from an airport employee. The first step will be to exchange money at a currency exchange in the airport. You will need roughly $10-15 for a taxi to the city plus extra cash, just in case. You can find taxis at the airport. We recommend Manas Taxi and Express Taxi, as they are the safest and most reliable. A ride from the airport to the student dormitory will cost about 600 som, which is roughly $9. 

Are there free spots in the dormitory? 
Yes, there are free spots in the dormitory. Before you can stay in the dormitory, however, you must complete your registration for the university and for the student dormitory. 

If a relative comes to visit me, can they stay with me temporarily in the dormitory? 
Yes, they can stay with you, but they must be related to you. 

Is it possible that there are no available spots in the dormitory? 
Spots in the dormitory are reserved for students studying in the preparatory year and for international students. Students in their first through fourth years of study can live in the dormitory as long as they do not break dormitory rules and have good academic performance. 

Must students live in the dormitory? 
No, but we recommend that students in the preparatory year live in the dormitory, as it's good for learning a new language. 

Can I rent an apartment by myself or with friends?
Yes, you can. 

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Bishkek? 
It costs between $150 and $300 to rent a one-room apartment in Bishkek, depending on the location and amenities. 

What should I do if I get sick? 
Highly-qualified doctors and nurses work in the medical center on campus and are available to help in any situation. In case students get sick, they should go to the medical center, where they are examed (there are instruments and lab services in the medical center) and offered medication. If students need more care, they can be sent from the medical center to a local hospital. 

Are services at the medical center free? 
With the exception of laboratory services, all exams and medicines are free. In the case that a student is sent to a local hospital, they receive care identical to that offered to citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Services in private clinics are not free. 

Should I bring medications with me?
All medications that are internationally available are also available in Kyrgyzstan. That being said, students that regularly take prescription medications should bring enough medication with them. 

How many spots are there in the dormitory? 
There are 1388 spots in the dormitory. 

How can students get a spot in the dormitory? 
International students can register for a spot in the dormitory after they complete general registration for the university. Students from other years can register for a spot in the dormitories each May. The applications are reviewed by the dormitory administrators. 

How much does the dormitory cost each month? 
A spot in A Block costs 1500 som a month, and a spot in B Block and C Block costs 1200 som a month. Students must pay a deposit of 2500 som, which is returned when they leave the dormitory. 

How many students live in each room? 
A room can hold either 4, 6, or 8 people. 

Can I cook in my dorm room? 
No, cooking in dormitory rooms is not allowed. 

Are there individual toilets for each room, or shared restrooms? 
Each room has a toilet and shower that is used only by people living in that room. 

Does the dormitory have hot water? 
Yes, the dormitories have hot water. 

Is there food available in the dormitory? 
Yes, there are buffets in the dormitory with a wide variety of foods. 

Is there a library in the dormitory?
Yes, there is?

Is there internet in the dormitory? 
Yes, there is wireless internet available in the dormitory. 

How much does food cost at KTMU?
A single meal (soup, main dish, side dish, and dessert) costs 60 som, so lunch for a month costs about 3600 som. 

Is there financial assistance available for students that cannot afford food? 
Yes, there are free meal cards available for students that cannot afford meals. 

Can I skip physical education classes if I'm physically fit? 
No, all students must take physical education classes of some form regardless of their fitness level or any chronic illnesses. Special classes are available for students with medical issues.