Graphic Design

The Department of Graphic Design educates graphic designers in a wide variety of fields, starting from book, newspaper, industrial, poster and print design, in order to prepare students for all career possibilities and to grow their aesthetic senses. Close in form and content to painting, graphic design has its own objectives and possibilities. Students study colors, styles calligraphy, painting, drawing, anatomy, and perspective - the same subjects studied at the Department of Painting. A graphic artist is someone who is a specialist in easel work, book illustration, and industrial graphics, which is to say, print production, as well as composition and computer illustration. Graphic designers are becoming more and more in demand, as people understand better how design influences the economy, politics, and culture. The educational program is designed so that students have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to create creative works. Students also intern at publishing houses and design firms, as well as participate in exhibitions and competitions. 

After graduating, students can work independently or at creative institutions, they can continue their studies, they can teach art, or they can work at publishing houses.