The Department of Painting teaches artists to create a world on a flat surface. Art, and painting in particular, is an important way to show knowledge and reflection thorugh all its diversity and complexities. This is why painting can so strongly affect people and their emotions. 

Painting is divided into three types: easel, decorative, and monumental. Students at the Department of Painting study easel painting and skills necessary for painting independently. Students study painting by painting still lifes and landscapes, as well as traditional painting methods. These methods help us reach one of our main goals, which is to train painters who can paint the world around them and make it art. 

After graduating, students can find work independently or in several different areas in the field of painting: still life, portraits, landscapes, or thematic paintings, just to name a fiew. Through participating in competitions and exhibitions, painters and students create new cultures and styles, as well as promoting their work. Students can work as teachers at art schools.