Department of Western Languages

The Department of Western Languages (English Language and Literature Program) was founded in the 2007-2008 academic year and includes a Bachelor's degree program in Philology. The academic program is designed to prepare professionals in the field of English Philology that can think critically about the English language and literature and beyond, as well as use their knowledge to improve education, science, culture, and politics. Students study the language, culture and literature of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, as well as Russian and German languages. 

Education is organized according to the European Credit Transfer System, which allows students to spend a semester or academic year abroad, studying at universities in Turkey through the exchange programs. This gives students the opportunity to improve their language skills and to get to know another country and culture. 

The main aim of the Department of Western Languages is to improve and develop the level of knowledge of language and literature; this includes covering the following categories: typological and comparative linguistics; cognitive linguistics; the discursive aspective of studying languages; interpreting literature; comparative literature; and applying technology to the study and teaching of foreign languages. 

Our Department members have published 2 monographs, 13 textbooks, and over 150 articles and presentations about language and literature and comparative linguistics for various national and international conferences and symposiums held in Hungary, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and other countries. The Department also hosts lectures and seminars with academics from USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong and other countries. 

Our Department members have also worked and studied in the US and Russia through programs such as Fulbright and SUSI. 

Our Department  members have won the following contests and scholarships: Fulbright (Cholpon Naymanova, African-American Literature, University of Washington, 1996-1997 and Kanykei Kalieva, The Influence of Music on Women's Identity: A Comparative Analysis Between the US and Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan, University of Massachusetts, 2014-2015), SUSI (Kanykei Kalieva, Modern American Literature, University of Louisville, 2011), Balasagyn Program (Jyldyz Chymanova, The Theory of Language, Linguistic University, Moscow, 2006).