The aim of the Department of Mathematics is to produce graduates with sound knowledge of mathematics, capable of critical thinking and problem solving; who can adapt to diverse environment and contribute significantly in various profession. The goal of the Department of Mathematics is to raise well-educated, highly qualified undergraduate students and graduate (M.Sc. &Ph.D.) students having the fundamental and applied knowledge for meeting national and international requirements of mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University was founded in the 2012, which is 17 years after this university established. This department currently offers bachelor and post-graduates programmers. Currently, the Department of Mathematics has 8 faculty members; 3 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 2 Assistant Professors, 1 Academic Specialist and 1 Research Assistant. Faculty members of the department in the following fields conduct large numbers of nationally and internationally qualified research out:

• Differential, Difference and Integral Equations

• Geometry

• Topology

• Analysis and Function Theory

• Numerical Analysis

• Applied Mathematics

• Optimal Control of Processes

• Physics

• Education in the Fields of Mathematics and Physics

Our faculty members have many publications screening by the Web of Science and other databases. At the same time, our department provides the service courses for undergraduate and graduate level programs in various departments. Currently, there are 76 undergraduate and 8 graduate students in our department receiving education. We are pleased to inform that the lecturers are well qualified, experienced and very passionate in teaching. Besides, they also have good background with having many publications screening by the web of science and other database.

For undergraduate education, our first priority is to equip our students with high level of mathematical knowledge and let them gaining of the ability of understanding and ratiocinating information with different types of contents in the light of mathematical thinking capability. Thus, our aim is to become a department educating individuals to perform their professions in the best ways besides abstract thinking and mathematical analyses. In graduate education, our primary objective is providing ability for our students having doing independent study and research. Therefore, we promote our students for scientific progress by providing and conducting high-level scientific research in national and international communities.


Anarkul Urdaletova

Head of the Department
of Mathematics


From the Head of the Department

Mathematics is one of the most important components of scientific and technological progress of the world. The studies on mathematics play important roles in education, developing human cognitive abilities, logical thinking as well as influencing the development of other disciplines. Qualitative mathematical education is important for anyone in modern society. Therefore, the demand for well-educated and motivated persons in the fields of mathematics and mathematical education is very high.

Prospects provided by fundamental mathematical education open new job oppurtunities in various fields for the graduates of mathematics. Academic career opputunities exist in a variety of fields including applied scientific areas. Mathematicians can find jobs in state or private institutions of elemantary and higher education as teacher; can participate in research related with the natural, economical and technical sciences; and can find positions as system or business analyst in the management, finance and business departments.