Turkic World is Implementing Digital Citizenship


Universities of the Turkic World gathered for the Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Protocol of the Turkic World Digital Citizenship Project.

Rectors of 71 universities from the Turkic world who joined the online program organized by Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University signed a cooperation protocol for the effective implementation of the activities planned within the framework of the Turkic World Digital Citizenship Project.

The project to act on common ground in the Turkic world

Rector of Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan emphasized President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's expression "family assembly" in his opening speech and stated that the rectors of Turkic world universities are valuable members of a large family and that they plan to take the opinions of family members for the implementation of the Turkic World Digital Citizenship Project during the online meeting.  Rector Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan said: “Despite the divisions, even if there is no integration in terms of territory, it is very important for Turkic people, who have resemblance and similarities, to act on common ground in such fields as education, culture, history, and economy. In this sense, it is essential to build bridges in the fields of language, history, education, and economy in order to develop the capacity to act on common ground without having a romantic thought. İsmail Gaspıralı's motto of unity in language, work, and opinion is very important at this point. Moreover, it is obvious that a strong relationship in the Turkic world will affect all political balances in the 21st century. The Turkic World Digital Citizenship project idea has emerged in order to contribute to the development of the ability to act on common ground in the Turkic world.”

Rectors participating in the Cooperation Protocol Signing Ceremony stated that they would support the project and that they would immediately take action at their universities to implement the planned activities. Pointing out that the protocol signing ceremony was held with the widest participation at the level of rectors, rectors indicated that Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University continues to be the locomotive in the development of the Turkic world using the phrase 'beyond a university' as a slogan.

Digital Turkic world citizenship course

Digital Turkic world citizenship course Project coordinator Prof. Dr. Erdal Bay and Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Oktay Özgül informed that within the scope of the project, the Turkic World Digital Citizenship course will be taught as an elective course in universities, and the courses will be carried out by a different university as distance education each semester. The project coordinators, who also informed that the students will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Turkic world scientists and opinion leaders in the lessons, said that the students will be asked to propose projects for determination and solution suggestions regarding the problems of the Turkic world. According to the project, those who will be selected among the successful students will be able to attend "science camps" like "Farabi."

Turkic world citizenship passport for students

One of the primary elements of the project will be the opportunity for students from the Turkic world to study by obtaining a "Turkic World Citizenship Passport." Thus, students of the Turkic world will be able to have a common passport.

Public events

The products and contents revealed within the scope of the project will also be accessible to the citizens of the Turkic world in the context of adult education.

Thus, cognitive and affective awareness about the Turkic world will be increased.

Turkic world digital citizenship symposium

Managers and representatives of universities that are partners of the Turkic World Digital Citizenship Project will hold meetings about the project by attending the Symposium to be held at the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, in October 2021.


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